Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm still here

Presenting you Hunny's surprise!!

Black Nokia N82 (:
Though he is in army and don't really need a "Better" function phone buttt.....
Oh well. {;

I am not the type of girl who would hug a plush to bed.
But I woke up with MIMI (the piglet Hunny bought) in my arms on SAT morning.
I didn't realise it until I opened the door for Hunny and he laughed at me.
Guess it fell off the shelf and landed on my bed so I hugged it unknowningly.

As usual, helped him to put on his contacts and said Bye.

Went back to bed. Woke up, prepared and went out of house.

I was already in a very bad mood. To top everything, I realised that I forgot to bring out the NDP tickets when I was already reaching the MRT station. So I had to U-turn back. Careless. Toooooo many stuffs to do. Too many smses, too many phone calls, too many events, too many things in 1 day, they'll only drive me crazy.
(too many till I had to skip work. Argh!)

The tickets wrote " Encouraged to wear Red " but this missy here has got no red tops so she went to get a white polo tee.

But...... She left the place with 3 instead of just 1.
Lucky they were rather cheap?

Left for Marina Square aftermath.
Time for NDP 08.
There were Adrian Pang, Michelle Chong and and and .

It was an eyeopener for me.
& The best part is, Hunny performed too. (He was selected to march and they were asked back for rehersal every Sat)
Because Hunny performed, so he managed to get me tickets & I invited Janice along.

I am not really interested in NDP but I have to show my support for Hunny.

Yesterday was total bliss. It was a very normal day.
Went out with Hunny to get my Contact lenses and other small stuffs.
& I got my hair dyed.
Dinner-ed with my family, advance celebration for Mummy's birthday.

I am so going to monitor my bank balance. Cause I can't stand the rate its dropping.....

This pose again..... Mi and MiniMi. lol.

He went crazy after 3 horror movies???

Stay tuned for NDP's pictures. The fireworks are really pretty this year!!