Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let's all laugh to this


When I thought It was over, Something happened again!!

Ready for the next episode of the juicy news?

Here it is!! (This time, the actual person actually spoke!)

HEADINGS ::: A 19years old female is looking for some people to help in bashing others up!!

So here, the stars award winner, Miss "Charmed" charming.... "CHARMED", who *is behind everything*, who told J that V was childish happened NOT NOT NOT to know anything about it.
Soooo, Lets just ASSUME that she really don't know anything.

REMEMBER : I don't even know V at all, so basically, I don't even get to speak to her.

CHARMED : do u prefer me to go over n scream n shout at her..or u wan me to write nasty nasty comment bout her in my blog than me sitting here read and forget all her comment

J : Both also don't want

CHARMED : then wat u wan me to do...i m pretending nth happen..take in all her insult...n forget about everything..n yet..insultation nvr stop...more n more accuse putting on my head...i jus keep quiet...n u ppl ask me to stop pretending...predenting wat...

CHARMED : j..if u wan to solve the problem..u got to tell me wat happen and wat pretending thingy.... and the only reason i have not fight back to her..or haven asked anyone to bash that zayden up...i because of u...i do not wan to put u in teh centre...i dun care about them what they say what they think what they do..but not u. that all i have to say.

CHARMED : and i wun post any comment on my blog if they are expecting any

CHARMED : i did not ask V to made that comment... V post the thing on her own..

CHARMED : she find it very hard to take in V comment ? what she write is 10 times more hard to digest for me

♥ Scream & Shout? I would say I love to see it happening! That is really very HIGH class of you~ Bash Zadyn? WOW. Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr old move. But you like it yea? I know that the teenagers in secondary school often use this type of method but you are welcome to do anything! I strongly believe in law & justice. :D Cowardddddd, you say, since you are not a coward, then do what you say?

Personal comment : It brought tickles to my stomach! The same for those who read it. LOL~ Coming from out a 19years old CHARMING lady? Don't be disgusting, they say! HAHAHA~

♥ For Janice? HAHAHAHA! If you think shes in the middle, then think twice! After all that you have done, SAID? If growling is your hobby. REALLY?

♥ Pretending that nothing happened? YEA! You are best at that, Regina, PRETENDING is your forte. I know....the fact is, V went to read my blog not because you told her to, the fact is no, you didn't complained to her. sooooo, the fact is, she bloghopped to a stranger's blog, and start to rebuke back for no apparant reason!

♥ Taking in all my insults? You don't have to in the first place! It all started from this...... Just because we want to watch Zohan after school, and you don't want to, "Those who insisted to watch are losers!" appeared in your blog. Just because we just ate TRCC yesterday, and didn't want to accompany you there the next day and what happened?! And so? You've got V now, not alone, there is someone to accompany you, SO? How did you treat J? If you think that my post is insulting then I am sad to say that THAT is not my best yet for the post yesterday was just to defend myself. I don't wanna start a WAR with V because I don't know her, and she don't know me, we lead our own life and there is no point crossing each other's path in such a manner. Afterall, to us, she is innocent. Like US! we got involved all because of your stupid remarks about us.

I guess it would be PEACE with V if CHARMED didn't start anything.

♥ Pretending what? you asked. Easy.

CHARMED : J, have you seen V's blog? It's like V VS Maybeline.
CHARMED : V so childish.
CHARMED : Huhhhh. What happened? I never read her blog. (So you don't read but V reads? Isee)

Always so innocent & good infront of J.
The list will go on and on, do you want more?

♥ I am not expecting any post whatever shit from you at all, because, you will only set PM or get others to post it? HAHA! But again, Like I've said, you are most welcome to do anything (:

♥ Me finding it hard to take in V's comments? Not at all~ Being seen as rich is a good thing! (Although the fact is of the opposite). Or not able to fry an egg? I have already said very clearly, please re-red the previous entry. I am enjoying all the attention you're giving.

♥ Whatever I have said is 10x harder for you to take in? Then don't start anything in the future since you can't handle the consequences!!

Before you actually scold my friend a dog, think about yourself. I bet my dog(RAVEN) wouldn't even want to step into your............

Now, for the finale, I don't wanna say all these, but it seems like there is a NEED to. The first time I encounter such a person with such UNIQUE character who goes round saying her friends (in the first place).

Go on go on, please laugh people. Such things happening in my life.