Sunday, July 06, 2008

If loving me hurts you

I am home early today. As early as 7.30pm cause Hunny had to go over to his friend's chalet.
Me, being sick, and had to wake up early for school tmr, gave it a missed.


Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~ I got my new phone.
Despite being sick, I still went to 3 places to search for the colour I want.
The sales person told me that the market doesn't produce that colour anymore but I still insist to go and look for it.
Luckily, my perseverance paid off~

It kinda sucks to travel all the way here and there for the colour.
Just like what I did for my digicam.
But after looking at them, everything is just so worthwhile because they bring lots and lots of smile to my face/life.

& I got a new hoodie with credits to YQ.
An oversized one. Love it cause oversize thingy are damn cosy.

Only afew loots this week : HP, Hoodie, BeltS, Top, Watch.

Yesterday, I got lost at Town

& you know, I can actually get lost when walking to Wisma from Hereen/FEP.
So the poor boy who had to carry lots of bags, gotta wait for me there as I was accompanying a friend for dinner.

I always follow blindly when I am there with Hunny or friends because I always think that there won't be a need for me to walk alone but yesterday was an exception.

Hunny got himself a LeCoq tee shirt.
While I got him a Berms from Flesh Imp.
He love the Berms there and they only cost about $55++ each?

Dinner at Food Republic and home sweet home.

Nowadays, youngsters no longer give up their seat for elderly or pregnant woman. WHY?!?!?! There was this old & skinny uncle standing beside me. He looked like he is already in his seventies or very much older. Cause my grandma look alot younger than him. His wife was with him but a Thailand guy offered her a seat. No one cared about that skinny uncle so he was left to stand for the whole journey. & he look like he will fall anytime. But the young girl who is seating down, facing us, (who looked like 15 or 16 only), completely ignored him, & so did the rest who had their butt nicely glued to the seat.

Heartless & cold, That's reality I guess.

Still, loving myself to bits and pieces.

Coffee saved me again. Many thanks to you. See you on Thurs (:

Great plan on Friday. JAN JAN JAN~

Gathering on SAT.

I hate to be sick. I feel weak.

Loving myself and yet giving SADness so many chances to conquer me.