Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Parts and Parcels

the interest of going to school
the interest of paying attention
the interest of studying

Something is very wrong with me and I don't even have a faintest idea of what is actually wrong. Maybe because this semester is ending, and I don't want to face seperation, thus I choose to avoid. Deep down, I know avoiding can't help much but I don't really care. What matters most now is being happy.

Cherish time. Cherish friends. Cause, they/we'll all be gone before we even realise it.

I'll miss everything, everything that happened during this semester.

I can still vividly remember the first time I step into the class, or the first day of school.

Janice was my first friend and still, the one I treasure most most most in class.
Amni was the first bitch who smiled to me.
Noor was the first PuiTehTeh who talked to me because we had to do some stupid stuffs like introducing the one next to you and he happened to sit on my left.

Slowly, as time pass, more people came into the picture. Erika and me went round "matchmaking" people with photographs. Janice was one of our victim too. Cam whoring was our favourite. *ahem, I mean my favourite* It was only 3rd week then. But now, we are only left with 3weeks.

We had a good laugh over our class first's emoticon during VB. It was Noor's.
Then, for the first time, we were allowed to choose who we wanna team with for the next few lesson. Zadyn, WM & Eric the gay came into the picture. Enterprise was the best lesson during those days. Stupid Eric with his magic deck of cards, Stupid Zadyn with his Mcdonalds, Stupid WM and his bickering and Silly Janice with her naive character. It was Mcdonalds every morning, and there was once, we had to look for an empty classroom just to eat our breakfast with Noor and Diyana. Only week 5 at that time.

& then..... Jiayun, who clicked alot with Janice, came along too.

Recently, most of us were quite "slack" especially Noor. That idiotic Zadyn still curled his hair for the skit. I haven't been disturbing Amni for the past few days and I am so going to make fun of her again.

Some cried, some laughed while some choose to remain emotionless.
From acting to making videos to presentation to juggling to debating and so on and so forth.
Such a small period of time, yet such a great impact on me.

Guess it's the first time I am facing such seperation so I don't know how to handle such an emotion.

Parts and Parcels of life.
People come and go.
Slowly slowly, these bits and pieces of passing clouds left after making their appearance in my life.
I'll get use to it somehow.

The memories we had for this semester, will never be replaced.



I bet you know what I want to say to you already! Its the same old thing over and over again. But to add on, you've already found your motivation so you ought to stop skipping school!

May this be your final year, hurry, graduate please. LOLLLLLLL.

Emo post, hence no pictures loaded. Next entry, I promise.