Sunday, July 27, 2008

Satisfying day~

Double shockness when Coffee told me that he had actually bought a bike. So dumb lah, I swear. Cheap and comfortable? yucks! Haha. Throw the bike away after you get your car licence please, so that I can make you drive me anywhere! :P

Very satisfied with today because I got my Crumpler bag~ Together with the polo tee that I have been dying to get since last week :D Got 2 colours cause I can't decide which to get! :D:D:D:D:D:D Some people said that only ugly people need to hide behind their material stuffs so they need to shop almost everyday. Yeah, I am ugly what, so need to hide, so what's your problem? Since PRETTY people don't need them, then just go out naked yea? Save time deciding on what to wear & Save money if you can't afford!

Next, It was YQ's sister birthday so we went to meet up with his family at a restaurant. Max and Marcel~~~~~~~~ Don't know how many many many course meal but they don't look cheap. Well, at least we don't complain or blog about it because we can afford it even though YQ's mum can REALLY cook better than them. Back to YQ's place. Waited for his 2nd sis to come back with the cake but before she come back, Derek reached his place so I had to leave with YQ as he's going out to meet his bros.

I am anticipating for the chalet on Aug because the "extra" ones wont be around. Didn't go online for the past 2 nights because when I reach home at 10plus, went for my shower, and jump into bed straight after that. (around 11pm) Was totally worn-out for I haven't been getting sufficient sleep for the past 2 months.

I realised that my post are getting more and more boring. It's about class, class and class only. Where's my personal life? Basically, I spent most of the time in school, in class, sooooo... & why shouldn't I talk about people/things which bring colours to my life? So long as they interest me..... who cares? :)

I am craving for Sakae Sushi, Beancurd & Curly fries from TRCC... anyone?

PS: I forgot to mention that I saw Weiling and Eileen last week. Or last last?
They are still so loved!!

PPS: Zadyn's blog made me laugh non stop. LOLLL.

Lazy to upload Visuals. Next time I update :P