Sunday, July 27, 2008

I say no to yucky bikes

I had a good "shooting" on Thursday evening with my clicks.
Skipped dinner and went to bed because I wasn't hungry.

Friday, Met up with them at 0800hr for breakfast at Mac!
Like always, Jan is late again~~
The lesson wasn't as stressful as the last time. WOW~
Waited for nearly 1 hour for YQ to book out at CCK MRT station.
Went for dinner at Kobayashi, JJ(with cg) and Derek drove over to meet us.
(Both of them sure spent alot on their cars, changed the interior lightings, blings......)
It was CG's birthday on Sat.
YQ&ME bought Everlast Tee for CG, and Everlas Polo for Derek's belated {;
Went to search for my MINIS after that, but.... out of stock also :(

JJ sent me home, and they went to surprise CG.
Derek claimed that he wasn't feeling feel because of his stomach so he drove home, and appeared with a cake later.
That surprised CG but too bad I wasn't around so I can only look at the pictures in YQ's new phone.

Saturday, was total bliss (:

oh, That jackass coffee said he wanna come over and "borrow" my charger but he didn't came!
Speaking of him reminds me of his Bike TP.
(Hes learning bike and car at the same time)
In a few weeks time yea?
Please stop offering me a ride, LOL.
I will never ride on a bike, its not like I can't afford cabbing, if I don't wanna other public transports.
+ I am a girl leh you idiot. So, girls can't ride?
Personal point of view : So unglam lor.

Till today, I still can't understand why did you take up bike lessons.
Its not like ur dad owe a bike instead of a car,
with that sum of $$ in my bank, I am sure u can owe ur car soon?!??!!
Usually, people learn bike because they are way cheaper than cars but for your case, you are learning both, you should just give up on the bike as it make you look so ....
For your information, If you can remember, in the BTT(car), it was stated that motorcylist are always involved in accidents. DUH!

Something so HURHUR and accident prone. Yucks.

Shopping shopping shopping.