Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wasabi fanatic

Happy 21st to Teng~

So many birthday in July.
Much more than June I think.

As far as I can rememberrrrrr........

09 July - Teng
11 July - JiaYun
12 July - Ron
14 July - Amni
15 July - Derek
18 July - Mummy's


Schoool was fun yesterday.
The 5 of us went to the nearest mall for lunch and bought a tube of Wasabi from Cold Storage.
Wasabi with plain crackers - Punishment for NI WO TA.

Eric the gay had a good go at it.
Janice & Zadyn vomitted.
It's like paying money to torture yourself. LOL~
But we had a blast over their stupid and silly reactions.

Unlike yesterday, today was horrible, terrible, vegetable.
The only happy thing was the breakout.
I had the best Egg + Prawn hotplate ever.
HAHA~ I don't mind eating having that everydayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Meddled with the leftover Wasabi from yesterday.

& I bought a Banana muffin for Raven (:

3rd day with the new phone, 3rd new accessory.
See how much I dote on the current phone {;

Yesyes, tmr is the last day of school for this week.
Cause I am skipping school on Friday with Hunny's consent (:

Hunny advised me to sell away the old phone.
At first, I've already decided to sell it away as I won't be using it anymore.
But then, I was reminded of all the messages in there.
& I feel like crying because those messages have been with me for 1year+

Hunny said : Yeah, It's true. Memories are worth more than hundreds bucks. But money is more practical. It's up to you. If you don't need the money, just keep the memories.

I don't need the money, So, I have decided to keep the phone.

& it is like so stupid because I have like 4 old phones. I can't bear to sell them away even though I have only used them for 6months to 1year. Let alone this, which have walked through 1yr 8months with me - My longest phone ever.

HAHAHA. sounds so stupid.

KKz. Enough of crapping. Till then!