Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Totally forgotten about the pictures until I browse through all my pictures.

It was the.... Last week of school?

1 and a half month ago?
The drill.

Some pictures from chalet.
Had more. But wasn't any me. HEHEHE.

I was feeling bored 2nights ago.
so Jan and me played Viwawa.
Wahahaha. I am damn noob in MJ, so she wont almost every rounds!
So we changed game, Big2.5 which is also known as "daidee",
which happens to be unfamiliar to me (Cause I only know how to play 21points),
whichhhhhhhhhhhhhh make me lose in almost every round!!
Even though I am getting slightly better at it but Jan trash me like crazy. lol.
Small gamble queen.

My mum just came home with a little girl. 7 - 8 years old.
Hahaha! I haven't seen my new neighbours before.
Her parents left her in my mum's care because the maid had to fetch the older 1 from school.
So kampong!! In the 21st century, Neighbours seldom interact.
Unlike the past, kids would play together and adults would share their cookings.
Then, I had to entertain her!!! I had to on VCDs for her.
She don't watch this don't watch that. So fussy!
But Raven seemed to like her more than me :(
Usually he would bark at strangers who step into my house but he didn't bark at her!!
On top of that, He watched shows with her!!!!!

My lunch was a bar of toblerone only. Its nearly 7pm. I AM SO HUNGRYYYYYYY~
I am still sad okay :(

Off to mask~ :(

*more visuals. Wait till Zad send me everything :)*