Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chalet Day 1

Chalet was happy, sad and dramatic at the same time.
More and more drama mama each day.
I am actually feeling very lazy to type.
But pictures tells it all, so, let the pictures do all the talking. :)

Our room number. Dirty, I know.

Thennnnnnnnnn, We saw this FIRST on the shelf when we booked in!
Lousy cleaner.
Never saw this when he or she was tidying or I wonder if he left it there on purpose!!!

Apart from my drinks,
Sean brought this. Raspberry Vodka.
Totally antibiotic. *pukes*

I tried abitttt of Chivas, It was 100x worst. But they said it was good.
I guess, I don't know how to appreciate all these after all.

Some guys started to play Volleyball while the rest of
them were trying to start the fire for BBQ.

The ball got stucked up there.

Super bad hair day.
I look fatter and fatter each day T_T

The smokey cooling effect was produced by Dry Ice & Water.

Mediating. Yeahhhh, right. HAHA.

We all love her :)

Our dessert from Christina! 3 very big tubs.

Look look, Jan is falling off the bed! Onto JY.

We went to bed, really really late.

We took alot of pictures on Day1.
We used Meryl's cam and... She's offline at the moment.

Stay tune for Day 2 :)