Friday, August 22, 2008

Chalet Day 2

Activites for Day 2.
Breakfast Cum Lunch at 11am.
WildWildWet due to some ladies who is having Period.
Escape is now closed on Weekdays! We didn't know that!
Bowling till 1400/1500.
Beach + Cycling till 1730.
Rest, 1800.
Feast Cum Dinner at 1900hr.
Half of them left after dinner as they had to work the next day.

We ordered alot of food from Pizza Hut & Mcdonalds.

PS : We showered and wore back the same clothes for Day 1 as we thought that we would be going to WildWildWet but in the end.....

Zadyn's hangover. HAHAHA!

Too much sugar added!!!!!!

I think I am cooler than them! Hehehehe.

Busy meddling!

2 teams of 5 and 1 team of 4!

Urgh, My hair.

Me VS Ron

Tell you! Though I am bad at bowling but I am not in the last place!!!!!! :D:D:D
At least I managed to score over 50 this time round.I got 68~~~~~~~
Wahahaha. Lousy but at least I improved okay!
I really hate bowling. Never fail to chip my nails if I play. Shucks.

No more pictures after that.
Too busy with all the FUNS :)
Because I only had 3hours plus of sleep on Day 1,
I fell asleep while watching television on Day 2.

Day 3, We had to drag ourselves out of bed at 0930, checked out at 1000hr.
Went to Downtown for Mcdonalds breakfast.
Sausage Muffin with Egg has taken over the place of Egg Muffin in my Heart~~
Instead of taking the bus back to Pasir Ris, we walked there. More time spent.

Reach home, clean up and took a 2hours nap.

Side Note; I forgot to mention that Janice got drunk on the first day of the chalet! HAHAHAHA! Guess she was too stress or something. She burst into tears, cried for like 30mins thinking about all the sad stuffs, all because she was drunk.