Monday, August 18, 2008

The day is just tomorrow

Everyone is busy working except me?
Busy shopping, pampering, slacking.
I want to earn money too!
But I hate to work, its suffering to work so many days in a row.

Yay. Like finally, the day we have been anticipating is just tomorrow.
The guys said that they would be bringing their laptops there so which means that I can blog!

I will be leaving house early to meet up with the cliques.
Then, we would be shopping for foods for BBQ, titbits, cup noodles.
Wooo, life is great.
Only for the few days cause I got nothing to look forward to anymore after that.

I should be busy today! Out to order some food for tomorrow, but I got Adel to order them for me since shes nearby.
Saved my trip and time but I am like so bored!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nothing to do except to rot with Das over MSN.

It's night already and I am still idling around instead of packing my bag.
So, What do I have to bring?!

Teeheee. byebyebye.
(Im in such a good mood :D)