Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flat hair days

Low Quality Peektures.

Told ya, My hair only look flatter and neater (& shorter T_T)

Another happy day :)
Yayness because I changed my toes colour.

Got myself a new pair of shorts and a spag for chalet. YQ insisted to pay for them.
Then I got a pair of unisex shades.
I almost got myself a bag. But the colour I wanted was sold out :(

The saddest thing is that I didn't had my eyebrows shaped.

We bus-ed home and YQ drove me out for supper.
URGH! Where's the diet, where's the exercise?!?!

So like, NDP is finally over. Which means that he will be booking out on every Fri instead of Sat, booking in on Sun, instead of Mon.
Awww. Usually Sun is our main dating cum shopping day.
Nvm nvm. Bear with it!!! About 9 to 10 more months to ORD.
Then, I will be able to have YQ back.

Shucks. I can't get these 2 songs out of my mind.
Also, I have been thinking, Now, I look forward to our chalet.
What about after chalet? What do I look forward to?
School? No. Classmates? No.
Can I just stop and graduate from here? :)