Wednesday, August 13, 2008

If its too wordy for you

2 entries yesterday, and 1 today. Early Noon.

I was on the phone with YQ yesterday night. I didn't complain to him about that pathetic schemeing fugly charming girl. He read it from my blog and...

YQ says : Let her say, let her continue, She will be sick and tired of it sooner or later. If you continue to rebuke back, there will be ending to it. If you rebuke, you are the same as her, however if you don't, it will only make her look more childish.

YQ says : The most important thing is you know that you are alot better off than her. (Which I find it really TRUE) The fact is she is only jealous of you. You know it, and that is enough to make you ALOT happier.

YQ says : Should she make those nasty remarks or comments about your buys, or other belongings. Remember that she is just jealous. Also, Just tell her that you didn't bought those things(which she think is ugly,auntie, etc), tell her I bought them for you(so that she will say YQ, not me).

YQ is very very noble cause all his intentions are to protect me.
He don't wanna see me get bullied but at the same time, don't want me to look so lowly like that girl.
And..... I shall heed his advice for all the things that he had said!
For him, For me and for Jan [;


The family wanted to visit the cinema for "Money no Enough 2".
But Adel had already watched it.
I am not in the least interested in local shows because they are so predictable.
Laugh like hell and Cry like fuck.
The all time family show, nothing interesting, nothing exciting.
So only Dad and Mum went to watch it.

(Friends also said, "Don't watch this type of show. Not nice at all")

Luckily I didn't go if not I would be wasting my time cause my parents said that it was boring.
To be exact, it was parents + friends who gave the same comment.
But there are also a portion of it who finds it nice.
I guess it all depends on your likings or is it because I have a sqaure shaped brain?

The cliques acutally wanted to watch " The Love Guru ". Those who watched said that it is funny, worth watching but not to the extend of WAH WORTH WATCHING! But we gave it a miss because we found something else more worth and more memorable to do.

I am quite impressed by myself because I haven't been shopping for the past 1 week.
I didn't withdraw any cash from the ATM machines too.

My hair appointment is tomorrow. Like finally, I am able to find some time, to seat myself comfortably in a salon for hours doing my hair (rebond, treatment & cut). Only this amount of money for the past 1 and a half week? :)

I hate my current colour so I guess one month(or 2) after I rebond,
I am going to dye them black or a really dark shade brown.

I also need some eyebrow shaping and pedicure(the big toe's nail chipped again!!) this weekend.

Relaxing days ahead, I love.
May yours be better than mine :)