Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The journey ends here

The last day is finally over.
It was a good day despite....
The class had lunch together at some weird place.
We took quite a number of photos with 4 cameras
& tried to squeeze the class into 1 lift.

I darkened and mosiac-ed my face because I look weird!

I didn't know Meryl took this picture until she sent it to me.

This is not the end yet, because we stayed back in class till 7pm.
The last time, in the very first class, with the very close friends, for the very last time.

Dinner-ed ; went to NTUC to shop for Chalet's stuffs and Home Sweet Home [;

Yesterday was my favourite module's last day.

The $200 lunch.

Sushi from Ichiban and Pizza from Pizza Hut.
There were more but no pictures.

The happiest thing just ended.
The next thing to look forward to is our chalet.
I don't look forward to school anymore.

Sunday was peace.
We watched SCV till evening, His sister came back from Australia.
She got me alot of Nougats(my fav!!) and a bottle of Nuts
(Australia's speciality, I can't rem the exact name).
Yay yay~

She didn't shop for clothes for stuffs, instead, she went to search for really good food.
As promised, she got me Vodka~ :D
Not the small 750ml bottle one, she bought the big one(1litre).
YQ treated the family dinner for passing his TP. (Like a 7course meal)
& he drove me home after that [;