Sunday, August 03, 2008

Long way to go

Yesterday, we had to make a trip down to Armani Exchange to get something again.
YQ went there after his ndp thingy.
So I had to make my way there alone.
I was a little "lost" again. Duh.

Haha. Then, we went into MNG.
He said that I have to report to MNG almost everyweek. Like so silly.
Saw Amni with her girlfriend and I managed to get myself 2 shorts and a top.

In the morning, Coffee went " Are you sure you don't want to be my first passenger?? "
NONONONO! Not bike! Unless you switch it to a car you dumbass. lol.
I don't wanna look ......... OKAY?!
Stupiddddd. How many times do you want me to repeat?!??!?!

Today, Woke up at 0915hr, washed up and headed to YQ's place.
He cooked for me and we went out after that.
STRICTLY no shopping for me because the sliding door of my wardrobe is falling off with all my clothes.
The purpose of going out is to get my accessory box
because the number of accessories is increasing crazily.
Also, because of the scorching sun, we cabbed back home as we felt sick.
Both sick, at the same time.
But we felt better after the dinner.

&& His sister flew off to Australia last week for her holiday.
(Full of envy for his family. Always flying around~ Korea, London, Thailand, Australia in less than a year)
Will be back 2 weeks later so I asked her to help me get Vodka for the upcoming chalet. (Buying them at the airport will be alot cheaper!)
Yay yay. Zadyn should be the happiest.

YQ told me that there are alot of different people in this small world.
All I have to do is to put up with it, and open my eyes really BIG to meet the right people.
The true colours of each individual will slowly show itself and there is nothing we can do to stop it.
"Why not just let them say?" He told me. "Cause sooner or later, they will be tired of it"
"No." I answered. "Why should I don't put up with their nonsense when I will NEVER allow myself to be bullied? Why should I put up with it and not them when it is clear to everyone that who the troublemaker is?"

Yes, YQ's thinking is really mature. I admire him for that [;

He will be spending his National day with his NDP thingy
luckily I have my cliques with me {;

Anyway I had my Manicure and Pedicure done! :D:D:D

2 totally different design. On the right is the usual 2D but the left are 3D!! 3D strawberries~

Evil, Mean or Bitchy? You still have a long way to go~~~~~