Sunday, August 17, 2008

Masking time!!

We went out just to get some facial masks.
Wildwildwet Escape ThemePark = LOTS & LOTS OF MASK NEEDED!

So, I masked myself in the noon (and masked YQ too :P)
Then, we had the cold feet(1/2 leg) scrub.
Feel so fresh now.
We are so going to find time for some facial :)

So much for all the pampering, 1 chalet will make all the efforts go down the drain.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I attended Mel's wedding 3days ago.
Mmmmm. Its kinda weird cause
I don't understand why would they want to get married at such a young age of 21?
Married = Time to behave and lesser freedom due to commitments.
Anyway, all I know is that they are blissful now. Very very :)
& that is enough I suppose :)

Another bottle of 1litre Chivas for the chalet, proudly sponsered by YQ's sis :D

People who saw it had a good laugh. I SWEAR WE DID!
That is so going to be the joke of the week. Chalet week.

He's more than a man,
And this is more than love,
The reason that the sky is blue.
The clouds are rolling in,
Because I'm gone again,
And to him I just can't be true.

I don't wanna do this anymore,
I don't wanna be the reason why,
And everytime I walk out the door,
I see him die a little more inside.
I don't wanna hurt him anymore.

Wanna take it back to the place where we first met,
If I could, I’d start all over again…