Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No, Not MIA

No worries people! My parents are fine.
Thanks for all the messages VIS sms, phone calls, MSN or tagboard.
Didn't know so many people cared.

Well actually................
It was Dad's car but he wasn't the driver.
His friend "borrowed" his car and got into an accident near my place.
(Luckily, he wasn't driving the family car -.-)
Police came. Ambulance came.
His friend was sent to the hospital. Head injury.
I don't know how is he now.

It was scary okay! My heart was beating really fast when I saw the accident.
Imagine if you were in my shoe! Your Dad's car...... Badly damaged...... Police car...... Ambulance....... I went tachycardia okay! For a moment, I don't know what to do but to look at the car and look back at YQ (to and fro). He asked me to get down from his car to take a look but I was sitting there, with my mind blank. But thank god!!!

Mum & Dad was supposed to catch a movie.
They drove passed the area and saw the accident so Dad had to stay there.

Damages must be very costly. The car was badly damaged.
But let's just hope that the friend is fine.

HAHAHAHA! But I still appreciate all the care and concern from you guys k! :)
*smile a plenty*

I went out today. It was fun :)
Finally, I saw Janiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Like exactly a week after chalet.
The guys went for their haircut so we shopped around and got a pair of shoe each :)
After that, We went back to our usual place to spend our time and money away......

Nothing much. Only afew additional accessories.

Oh yea! Something shitty. I had an order list of over 30tops and 20bags for the few of us. Then, before I could submit it, my first laptop died on me! OH-MY-GOD.
I should have saved an extra copy on my second laptop. I feel like swearing!
Hopefully Jon.L will be free tomorrow to help me retrieve them. AHHHHH~
What should I do if they can't be retrieved?????????? Its over 50!!!! Not just 5!!! >:(

Side Note; Something sad was released yesterday.

How will life be like from next week onwards?
How about the chalet?
How about all the food/feast?
How about all the shooting and debating?
How about all the teasing and laughing?

Are they suppose to be just memories from next week onwards?

Why are things always handled so cruelly?

First, they allow you to meet and mingle with strangers.
Then, after mixing with them for some time,
when you realised that they are the people whom you love to click with,
its time for seperation.

Is this life?