Friday, August 15, 2008

Pamper the MISSY

Pampering, pamper, pampered :)

My bank is another $200 poorer. Thanks to the hair.
Purposely chose a hair salon which only uses Shiseido products.
The outcome is......not much of difference except that it is flatter and neater?
But this Missy here hates flat hair!
Luckily, Clips saved her!
Who cares about "you can't wash/clip/tie your hair for 2days after rebonding"??
Everyone complained about how long my hair was, so I went to trim it shorter by 3cm.
(aaww~ Heartache) Again, Nvm, her hair grows fast, as fast as you can't imagine!

Then, I stepped out of the salon with Shiseido shampoo and conditioner.

Went shopping with Adel. She waited for me for hours in the salon.
Jan wanted to accompany me because she thought I was alone. What a great friend :)
Rounds and rounds.
Adel went off to meet Coffee.

So, another round of shopping with HY after she arrived.
She had to shop for a luggage as she is going on a holiday at the end of this month.
Shopping keeps one happy but I was really tired yesterday.

Another round of pampering today.
Classic Pedicure and Scrubs.
I regretted painting my nails hot pink.
Why do pink look so pretty in the past but not now?
Guess I will change the colour tomorrow. It sucks. Seriously.

We are going to WildWildWet on the second day of the chalet.
I need to get so many stuffs for the upcoming chalet!!!!!
Sunblock, new towel, makeup remover, toothpaste,
toothbrush, small empty bottles to refill shampoo etc.

Hopefully, I won't take this as an excuse to get a new bag :)

Goodnight world.
Tomorrow will be another great day.