Tuesday, August 12, 2008

She's barking again!!

Hey, I am back for some rebuke! Seems like that pathetic CHARMING(EWW) lady doesn't want to stop her childish acts! Can't she just get on with her own life and stop her barking? Since she feels that there is a need to continue(because she feels really bored and MATURED, because she don't see the need to stop), I guess I should just play along [;

"I am not going to make any comment on my blog if they are expecting any", WOW~ She "did" it!!! See, she always don't do things that she had said. For example, buying stuffs like digicam, slippers bla bla bla. Just saying to show off that how WEALTHY she is. HAAH~

So sorry that my life is so mundane (she claimed that I don't have a life), but as far as I am concerned, my life is ALOT colourful than yours. I don't have to help me mum at the market unlike you, who needs to help her on SAT(If I am not wrong), I don't have to slog myself to death to earn money for shopping or food.

Oh. She also made a comment about FOX when I bought FOX that day. But I guess she is just PURE jealous because I guess her wardrobe is like my dog's wardrobe only. Just over 10pieces of tops. HAH~ I feel so bad. But its a fact okay! Shall not say more to make her feel worst. So, I shall be kind and stop it (for now, if she wants to continue, I AM MOST WILLING TO PLAY ALONG)

See... I am so childish. HEHEHE~

Will be back later to update my colourless life(HAHA~) later :(