Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Thorns & Spikes

Woohooo. Janice mentioned that she went out at night to get her friend something.
I thought it was for one of her secondary friends but it was for me, mE, ME!!!

No wonder WM was asking about my cell model. He was asking for Jan. Thanks sweetie~

Few days ago she got me my favourite Galatine sweets too!
Swear that she's the sweetest friend ever.
She will do all the little sweet things, go the extra mile, just to make one happy.
That's why I always say, treasure your friends!

Yesterday, I rushed to YQ's place after school for dinner.
He cooked (; & surprised me with all my favourite titbits.

He also said that I had put on some weight again!
Although he don't mind but I am going for a jog tmr.
I shall start exercising!!

I feel so damn loved by all the people around me.

Today, I overslept!! But I didn't rush cause it would look stupid.
So I took my own sweet time to prepare and I even reach school early which was unexpected. lol.
It was TRCC for lunch again.
For the past few days, (or past few weeks) we have been DVD-ing non stop!
Horror > Comedy ; English > Chinese

Poor Raven who is now furless, hairless or whatever you call it.
I need to put on his PJs or clothes for him everynight or when mum brings him out as we are afraid that the wind might be too strong for him.
Can't blame also.
Raven is ugly now, so there is a need to hide behind some clothes unlike others who are so god damn pretty/handsome.
Ahhh. omg. Kill me please cause I still feel that Raven still look better even though furless.

Side Note; Grats Coffee for passing his Bike TP!
He even offered to get a private helmet for me and Adel which is totally useless because I won't take up his offer, I mean, to be his passenger. HAHA!
So like, YAY for you cause you can finally ride your baby out.
Not going to be stagnant anymore because you have got your licence now!