Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yet another confusion

Accessories : CHECKED
Eyebrow shapping : CHECKED
Facial Toner : CHECKED
Facial Foam : CHECKED
Oil Blotter : CHECKED

Checked Checked Checked.
Still lacking of new contact lenses and the solution.

Bad skin lately. Thanks to period.

Dating CUM shopping day today :)
I am so sick of the shopping malls in SG.
Hunny, after your ORD, lets get out of SG kkk?

My aunt visited my place today and I asked 2 hamsters from her! :D
Yay~ (because she owns a pet shop and will nvr charge me for the hamhams)
When I was young, She gave me 2 hamsters.
Then it started to breed and breed.
There were too many of them so we had to give them away.
In the end, I was left with none :(

Dinner with her family & the Sims.
Bought some dog bites for Raven.

Urgh. I hate weekdays.
And Monday is just tomorrow.

So long~~~
Now, I want IT.
Next, I don't.
Then, I want it, and don't want it again!!!
So should I get IT?
Second thoughts always put me to a confusion.
Howwwwwwwwwwww? The feeling is killing me!!
Buy or Not buy?!