Friday, August 01, 2008

Blessed with laughters

OMG, I forgot to mention that baby just got his fur trimmed! The car which fetch Raven everytime he had his grooming session came at 0900hr. (my dad always call for the car to send him there and back to our place as none of us had the time to bring him to a pet shop even though the nearest pet shop is only 1 street away, so we had to call and book for appointment with another place) I wasn't home when he came back so Mummy called me and went " Your baby is back!!! Totally naked and all he've got is those fur on his tail! HEN KE AIIIIII " When I got home, He looked ugly. :( I still prefer fury fury stuffs. But he is still my forever BABY. {;

Maybe I should take up pet grooming so that we can save the money. A pet grooming alone (for baby) cost up to 3 trimming session for humans!!

to all my nurses friends~ Especially my Maoies. (:
You're all missed, truely, deeply, madly!
Also, Happy nurses day to me, to Christina.

After searching for sooooooooooooooooooooooooo longgggggggggg,
I have finally found my MINIS~
Such a kid. & I got 2 lorrrrrrrrrr! Waste money. But 1 is from YQ.

Some time ago, I actually forgot my about my Dental appointment timing. I went to school happily, had Mac for breakfast, took out my dental card and then to realise that the appointment was at 0930hr, I thought that it was supposed to be 12noon. It was already almost 0900hr so I had to cancel my appointment. Dang.

Life had(and still is) been really good recently despite blogging about the 2 post on the hypocrite. This week is the best week ever, we talked serious, we laughed hard, we played crazily, we had TRCC, Sakae Sushi, (all my cravings are sedated~) and almost went for Popeyes at T3. We watched One Missed call 3, Longest Yard, Knocked up, Men in White, and other shows.

Sakae was really fun. Peas Peas Peas. Jan's favourite. LOL. And WM always make Janice choke without fail. LOL. We ate aloooooooooooooot, and laughed reallllly hard till I had chest pain! I can't laugh hard because I'll get chest pain :( WM left after eating for an hour because he had work on that day. Jiayun's boyfriend arrived after our Sakae session.

I love all the memories. Irreplaceable.
1 week left, people. :(

Even though I made a fool out of myself on Tuesday during a presentation because I laughed really really really hard that I had to pause the whole presentation as it was at my slide.

Even though Wednesday Zadyn actually.............................. okay damn you. HAHA!

Today, is a self-declared holiday for us so we went to Marina Square, Suntec, Cine and Taka. Eric made us wait for damn long! The girls got some accessories~ I got a pair of earrings and a ring (: Then, they accompanied me to Taka - (AX) Armani Exchange to get my "surprise" for YQ. I bought him a belt from there at $140 only~ He wanted to get it sometime ago but we didn't go back there again. & He didn't know that I was going to it cause I only told him that I'll be going over to his place and TA DA~ Shocked, speechless but nevertheless happy & touched.

(All the pictures are in Zadyn's camera)

& I am still quite lazy to post the overdues. Maybe Sunday. I'll just post all at one go.

Reminder to self :
Settle creditcard bills.
Charge Camera.
HP pouch
& Lastly, I need to pray.