Friday, September 12, 2008


Today is Coffee's 20th!
As stated, if you don't collect your present from me by Thurs, It will go to.....
Note note! The expiry date is next Thursday!!

Yesterday was Meryl's 19th.
I don't know if you read my blog but anyway, Happy Birthday again! :D
The lovely boyfriend of Meryl's planned a birthday surprise for her.
He got the whole of class down to the place where we had our lunch during the last day of sch for last semester.
I was his assistant~ I had to meet him as early as 0800hr to get the cake and present from him so that Meryl wouldn't sense anything fishy!
Everyone look so nice and dear to me now. Including those who I used to detest!

Not much pictures of me because I was wearing specs for the past 3 days! (or 2?)

AHHHH~ I am in specs~ :(

The lovely Meryl & her sweetest boyfriend, Jeff :D

The damn old pouch that I used to store my camera. LOL. Childish.

Old class gathering :D

Jan with her new shirt from FOX~
First time seeing her in shirt~

This was taken when they accompanied me to do some PSP thingy,
and when Zadyn introduced us the traditional Katong Laksa.
I had diarrhoea after that cause there was too much coconut MILK. LOL~
But it was nice!! I love Laksa~ Teehee.

YQ fetched me from school today!
I was quite lost as I had no idea how to walk to the place where he parked his car.
We went for Sakae Sushi.
I don't know why, after eating it, I'll be sick of it for 2weeks to 3weeks then I'll crave for it again!

Before coming over, He went to get a box of Mooncakes and sent it to my place.
So sweet~ :)

For the past 1 and a half months, We have been watching alot of movies!
Be it new, Meet Dave, Phobia, Love Guru or old movies like Harry Potter,
I love them all!

One of my friend wanted to watch 12Lotus. LOLLLLL~ (He said that to me 1month ago)
I don't know but I can't understand dialect.
And that show really looks as though it is for Aunties and Uncles only.
I can't believed that when he said that he wanna watch it.
Comments for that show weren't good either.

Side Note; NOOR!!! You make me sound like a pervert who love torturing you!! HAHA~

I don't know how many times have I repeated this but assumptions really makes one look like a fool.
I don't remember putting my foot into other people's class other than Zadyn's cause his class is really near mine. Or rather, I should use the word WE.
Reason being that is because I don't wanna STAIN myself.
However, if someone really wants to see us so badly, we don't mind going over often.
Anyway, the main issue is, will you have friends looking for you in YOUR class?
I guesss.... only one or two? HAH~

Not taking sides, not doing anything, doesn't mean no hard feelings.
She had no idea how SUAY one will feel after seeing her face in the list.
Bear this in mind. Stop being a joke. We don't wanna laugh.
We had enough of mocking.

Oh, Looking forward eh?
May you guys be GOOD FRIENDS then! Good luck and happy working? HAHHHHHHHHHHHHH~

So done with my piece.

& opps! Naughty naughty again. I can't control Hahahaha~ Sorry Hunny~ :P

Cotton candies made my day! I ate one packet in the morn and 1 at night!
Oh no. Not fat free.

Goodnight world.
Goodnight friends.
Goodnight love.