Saturday, September 06, 2008

Can't smile without you

Not good not good NOT GOOOODDD!!

Its like, I can't bring or make myself laugh/smile from the bottom of my heart anymore.
Cause I feel weird with so many strangers around me.
I don't know how to communicate.
I can't talk.
I don't want to interact.

Its been 3 days. The boring 3days.
Unlike my old faces,
By the end of the third day, we were already fooling around with each other.

ImissYouGuys :(

In simple, I feel so lost that I had to isolate myself from the bunch of new faces.

The only thing to look forward to during school time is lunch break.
Only lunch break. (excluding after school hours, that is)
This is also the only reason why I laugh at every little thing recently when I am with my clique.

However, this also made us realised that time is precious so we(the clique) would make sure that we cherish every second spent!
Usually It would be HAPPY only, just HAPPY to see your friends,
but now, its like DAMN HAPPY when you see them.

PS : Manicure done!! With 3D acrylic flowers on my nails! :D:D

Hunny was feeling down today.
So he came to look for me after his book out at 10pm.
We went to ambulate Raven at the nearest park.
& He made me do 50sit up!
To someone who haven't been exercising for quite a long time, 50sit up is a difficult task!
But I managed to complete it k! HEHEHE.
Tiring, but at least, all the laughters lifted up his mood.

Actually, I have something to blog.
But I don't feel like blogging it now. HAHA! Wait wait k?