Monday, September 15, 2008

I am not a good girl

Long long wordy post cause I was home for the whole day! :)

I received a call asking me where I was in the morning at 0840hr. HAHAHAHA~ I overslept! Sorry people~ :( Sorry to keep you guys waiting, and sorry for the 6smses. LOL. It was like too late to go school already so I decided to skip the first part of school. Went back to bed and who knows, I woke up at 12noon by another call. LOL~ It was like damn late already so I decided not to go anymore. Stayed at home to rejuvenate.

Went online, Jon.L took control of the laptop and tried to fix it. BAH~ Shall send the laptop to him later. Thank goodness he's always there! I called up Courts and complained, they asked me to go Acer instead and will pay for the hardwares if they need to be replaced.

But the problem is! There is software problems also! Thanks to the genius technician they have! They disabled all my firewall bla bla bla, removed my anti virus without telling me and all the spywares came rushing in when I connect it to the internet. EXCELLENT JOB I WOULD SAY.
I wouldn't mind paying for them if I caused it, but now its the other party's fault and I have to pay for it.

Service report said nothing about formatting my laptop or changing of harddisk. Oppps. I sense a loophole. Jon.L said that since they did not tell us what they did to my laptop, and nothing is stated in the service report, we can ask them to pay for everything.

Hellooooo, this is not being niao. This is their responsibility! To fix customer's laptop and get them back into working condition instead of providing lousy services when they had already paid $400 for the extended warranty.

Its Tuesday tmr! Eric just told me that he would get those horror movies for us! LOL~ I guess we need to change our venue as my class is too bright. Nono, not the king's class please. Am afraid that I might bump into a real one. KKB's class is about the same as mine. Howwwwwwwwwwwwwww~?

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, one last thing, think twice people! Think twice before you say anything before you get slap by your own words, because the other party may not feel the same as you had said! HEHEHE. Otherwise, get ready a shithole and bury your face in it. Teeheeee. I am such a sadist but I don't care! :)





May Zadyn get well soon :)