Sunday, September 07, 2008


Yesterday, Hunny surprised me with this!!!!!

He WAS strongly against me from getting it but he got it for me himself.
So sweet right?!
He wanted to surprise me but it was somehow a little spoilt. HAHA!
I was told that He needed to pay (about)$50 extra for rose pink.
I thought only colours like Red, Bronze or wada wada needs additional $?
But nvm~ :D At least it is the colour I wanted.

I met up with Huiyan for a little shopping.
Got 2 blouse and 1 shirt + some accessories :D:D:D
It felt like I haven't been shopping for years but time was limited.
She also passed me the gifts she got me from Thailand.
1 bag, 1 card holder & 1 black pants.
Thanks HY~~

After everything, YQ fetched me and we went to Recreation Centre to join JJ&GF,Derek&CG.
Billard till 1am and Supper. (Gosh! Fattening!!)
Home at 2am (:

I hate Recreation Centre. Their menu was "Maggie" and "Sandwiches" only.
I ordered maggie because I was famished and also because there was no other alternative.
I waited for 1hour, the food didn't came!
YQ went to check with them 2 times and both times, they said that they were cooking already.
In the end, I had gastric pain again.
I got so fed up that I went to cancel my order, I don't care if they are already cooking or already ready to be served.
Who the hell in this world would wait for that pathetic food for 1hour?

Another thing that I am pissed about is my laptop!!
For goodness sake, It has been a week and they haven't ring me up!
How long does it take to replace an old HDD with a new one?
30mings? 1hour? 1day? or 1 week?!
So much for that extended 3year warranty.
I shall do what Singaporeans is best at, which is COMPLAIN.
Don't forget that I am a Singaporean too :)