Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Never be replaced


Everyone is moving on except us.
People come and go, Some see it as "no big deal, but for us,
we are all so greatly affected by it.
The only reason to that is because of the bond we have.

The "not-intending-to-move-on" us chatted in MSN during lesson.
Almost the whole class. Then, we decided to meet up.

We gathered after school.
Back to the old class with all the old faces.
We missed each other deeply.
You can simply see all the smile from our faces.
The smile, so deep within.
It was like, "Yay, we are together again!"

The guys, still crazy over their games.
The rest, fooling around like we used to.
Though short, only an hour but there are more to come! :):):)

Ahhh. I am down with Eye Infection!!
No contact lenses for a week = Not much pictures!!
HEHEHE. You don't wanna see a geek do you? *smile a plenty*
This is hell because my eyes will hurt if I see light.
But, how to avoid light?!
It will be weird if I wear shades to school! LOL!

This pictures only show the initial stage! It is much redder now :(

It is not the eyeliner which is not balance.
It is the eye!
As it gets redder and bigger, the eyeliner look thicker.
Argh! Damn pain please!

I couldn't stand the pain so I took out and threw the lenses away.
So like, I was as good as blind as my vision was freaking blur.
All the way from 2pm till I reach home at 9.

I...I....I.... fell in love with Fred Perry's slip on!
Should I get it? But I don't wear it often! Maybe like once or twice a month only!
(Cause I have way toooooooo many shoes!)
I will regret if I don't get it but on the other hand, I might not wear it at all if I get it!!