Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Never trust Words

As much as I hate to be reminded of the painful times,
They kept appearing in my mind like tiny swords piercing through.

It is so hard to fake a smile when sometimes, I am actually feeling down inside.
At times, I got 'discovered' feeling emo, but I still tried to deny.

Facts are truth which we can't edit or change.
There are just too many things beyond our control, too many things, unseeable.
What can I do, to stop all these?

Memories, be it happy or sad,
They exist to haunt you.

Happy moments becomes happy memories,
and it hurts because you can only be reminded but not have them anymore.
So, not only sad things can hurt you.

They can take the future that we will never know,
they can take the places that we said we will go, all the broken dreams,
take everything, just take it away,
but they can never have yesterday.

How long more? I wondered.
When will it stop haunting me?

How can I pretend to be so strong?