Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pink Pills

My MSN personal message was " Pink pills needed, desperately ".
Then, ChyeGuan texted me.

i4c says:
Do you have menstral aches?
i4c says:
Please dial xxxxxxxx.
♥ Maybeline the Queen says:

xxxxxxxx was YQ's number.

The cramp is killing me. omFg.

Halfway through the lesson, I went down to get the pink pills.
Janice wanted to get them for me but I was 1 step faster. Hehe!
Still deeply appreciated!

Haven't been eating much lately.
Only 1 small meal per day.
Even drinking SoyaBean milk alone made me vomitted twice.

I don't wanna visit a Doc.
I don't want medications.
Swallowing those pink pills is already a difficult task, let alone the rest.