Sunday, September 28, 2008

Read my eyes

I asked YQ " Aren't you curious what happened to me? "
YQ : You don't want anyone to ask cause you don't want to be reminded and be sad again. I don't want you to be sad so I didn't ask even though I really want to know.


That's why I say and meant by, just be by my side quietly, making no noise, asking no questions.

Time for a little colours.
This blog look so dead with so many words (& sad posts).
Even though School really sucks to the CORE, luckily Webcam is only a click away :)
The best thing during school days is only webcam.
But sadly, sometimes there are just some things, which I don't wish to see appearing.

Before I start, let me introduce you to my new faces.
First would be this gay. Extreme gayness I swear!

Since the school start till now, The class never had full attendence.
I can fully understand this because haha, you know how much I hate school now.
Anyway, if you are wonder if he is a male, female or even shemale, He is a male.

K lah K lah, now for the colourful part.

Headed to Town after school on Friday.
Met up with HY & Yikqi first.
Then we went for our dindin at Cine's HK Cafe.

The guys, they drove but were caught in traffic jam, so we ended up waiting for them.
Went to Hereen for their dinner while the girls had desserts.

The guy wearing that Gucci cap kept showing us his PINK IC to prove that hes not a NS man anymore. Damn.

HY looked kind of emo that day. WHY OH WHY~

Vonne was sick so she joined us later (:

YikQi. Bf came and drove her home.
HuiYan. Left with YikQi.
Yvonne. Bf came and drove her home.

Me?!??!?!! So the guys had to send me back before heading elsewhere.

Side Note : YQ managed to surprise me. Like finally!

On Thurs, I was going to the Cash deposit machine to deposit some money,
Then someone tapped my shoulder. It was already night time.
I turned around.... and saw YQ!
He still told me that he will only be booking out on Fri!