Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sick, again

I am sickkkkkkkkkkk.
A little fever, a little cough, and my body feels weak.

Did the poor appetite cause me to be sick,
or the other way round,
is the weak body refusing food?

I have already missed last Monday's lesson and I don't wanna miss another Monday.
So no matter what, I will drag myself to school.

I woke up early today despite sleeping at 4am in the morning because I wanna accompany my Mum out for shopping.
Asked the Bf along. Dad went to pick him up.
I am glad I went because I managed to get everything I want using their credit cards :)
The only sad thing is I didn't manage to find the Dior perfume.

I couldn't eat during lunch so I drank 1/2 a glass of fruit juice,
but vomited after that.

Went to Bf's place after that.
I felt weak so I took a 2hour nap.
Didn't want dinner but his mum had already cooked my share with my favourite dish.

YQ drove me home after that.

The chinese song which I am currently addicted to has English version too!

The first time we met, you had already occupied my heart.
Admist innumberable starry skies, I wait only for you.
At ever corner, we had rubbed shoulders but yet missed each other.
Destiny made fool of us.
Suddenly we met around the bend at a street corner,
I'm so touched that all I want is to say to you,
Be it happy or sad, I don't want to miss anything.
That is my promise to you.

I am not that romantic but you said that you're used to that,
and my shoulders brought you such security.
Hold your hand tightly with all my strength,
Shouting with all my might towards the sky,
我会很爱你,a hundred centuries,
很爱很爱你, No one can take your place.
Travel in the future, Walkman will record this love,
My heart will never change.

我会很爱你, from nightfall till dawn,
很爱很爱你, and during the 4 seasons.
Switching on my Walkman,
I can hear you anytime.

Feel my heart, You are the one that I love the most.

Some of you may have already know what is this song cause it is not a new song
BUTTTT, I seldom listen to chinese songs sooooo, a little lag. :/