Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Since 19th, Friday

If only life is like a written essay,
then I would write it myself.
If only life is easy easy as ABC,
then I would have no problem dealing with it.
If only life doesn't involve emotions,
then I wouldn't be so sad everyday.

If making me smile was easy,
then there won't be people worrying.

But if its too hard for you all,
I urge you people to leave me alone.
I don't want care or words of concern.
I don't want people to come asking me what happened.

The more people ask/care, the more stress I feel.
the more stress I feel, the more I tend to pretend.
The more I pretend, the more people would realise.

If only I know what is EXACTLY wrong with me........

Why do I find it so hard to move on while others find it so easy?

I hate it when so many people are so worried about me yet I can do nothing about it.
It's not about me picking myself up, I didn't fall, I don't know what's next for me.

Since when did I become such a weakling?

I miss my old self.