Friday, September 19, 2008

Slowly Slowly

I typed a longlong entry, but before Blogger could AutoSave it,
I accidentally crossed the page!!!

So not going to retype it anymore!
Let the pictures do the talking for me.

Tuesday, We went to Ajisen for DinDin.

Hello, Introducing Johnny. Someone please drag him to the Salon!
That is his real hair. Not a wig!

Meet up with Hunny after school today. We went to Bugis for Fish & Co.
I had my usual Fish & Chips while he ate Black Pepper Stingray.
He could sense that I was feeling down.
It was not HER that made me feel down,
just like the facts that Pigs can never fly and Shit can never talk.
She is not that great to affect me afterall.

Keep all the glass in the house away from me before I smash everything.

Take it slowly. Give me some time to adapt.


The more they ask, The more I wanna cry.