Saturday, September 27, 2008

Still counting down to January

Can I tell you that I am suffering so so much?
Can I tell you that I really hate going school?
Can I tell you that I am really worn-out from all the "pretending-to-smile"?
Can I tell you that so many times I wanted to cry?
Can I tell you that I really hate my current selfish self?
Can I tell you that I don't want to get emo everyday?

I tried. I tried to escape from the reality.
I tried. I tried to be happy instead of pretending to be.
I tried. I tried everything I could.
But trying is not as easy as you think it is.
Now, I hate listening to songs, cause they make me feel worst.

IF this is a dream, please wake me up as soon as possible.
Cause I don't know when will I suffer a break down.

Please, I know that blogs were never meant to be a "personal" place when anyone can just hop by.
But please, friends, buddies, or whoever, don't freaking question me what's happening,
You will only make me feel worst.
I know that if I don't want anyone to ask, then don't blog in the first place,
but I need a place to relieve all the pain and sadness.
Do understand.

Nights out with all the lovelist people,
YQ the BF, Derek, CG, JJ, Yvonne, YikQi & HuiYan.
to be updated when I am feeling better.
Well, at least slightly better.