Sunday, September 14, 2008

Super bad service

My favourite festival is not CNY, or Christmas or what so ever.
Instead, it is the Mooncake Festival!
Because I get to eat my double yolk mooncake!

I know many people prefer the special ones like icecream or chocolates.
But I just like double yolk!
The more yolk, the better it taste!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!
No chicken egg yolk please, I hate chicken's egg yolk.

Hunny went to pick up my laptop yesterday.
The person login to Windows and showed him that the laptop is working fine.
But today, I ON it, downloaded IE7 and BANG, The keyboard is dead.
I am like so freaking mad now.
What kind of service is Courts providing?
Am I suay or what? I won't bother stepping into courts anymore.
When you are buying their goods, they would treat you like Kings&Queens,
After you bought it, together with extended warranty, they treat you like shit.

First was the long wait. I had to complain.
Complaining = Bad service = Anyhow repair?!?!
So why did I pay the extra $400 for? Extended warranty = Rubbish?
The previous time, I complained to the technical side,
Now, I shall call up the office directly.
I must have been a fool back then, for purchasing my laptop at Courts.

If its my fault or my bad,
then prove to me that some other fools like me, downloaded IE7,
and the next thing we know is we can't type anymore.

My laptop is not even in a bad condition and yet they made it worst.

They must have thought that people like us are so damn free to send our laptop for repair and then pick them up again.