Sunday, September 28, 2008

We love ViViCherry


They have just launched their new collection!
The Kimono collection :)
& OMGGGGGGGGGGG, I love them!

I love the clothes that they are selling.
In a way mature but yet not overly mature.

Other than the 2 sponsered pieces I chose,
I ordered a dress from them and I swear they are very efficient.
The moment I reply them, either they reply me within mins or hours later or if I emailed them very late at night, they would reply me the next morning!

After placing my orders, They sent it out straight after I paid for my clothes.
Wednesday = Place orders.
Thursday = Paid & Sent out.
Friday = Items arrived.

Oh please, Call me a turtle or whatever, but so far, out of countless times of online shopping, none has ever provide me with this kind of excellent service. Super efficient!

I can't wait to wear my new clothes outttttttttttttttttt :D:D:D

Visit ViVi Cherry before they go out of stock! :))