Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Condom's Day

Yesterday was Johnny's Condoms day.
Yeah, you heard me correctly. C-O-N-D-O-M-S.
I don't know if I am stupid or innocent, I don't know condom comes in sizes like S,M,L?
He went round giving out free condoms to those with "fuck" face. LOL.
He claimed to be saving lives. HAHAHAHA~

He is one cool dude which make life alot easier for me in class.
Just one out of the few.
I can't imagine life without him, Marc, WS, L and P in class!!!

& I had the best night out of the 2months.
It was the best and longest mass conversation with the old classmates.
Woohooo~ Love you people.
& We are going to the zoo next Thursday!

2 nights ago, Dad bought Chilli crabs for supper! The Sim's favourite!!
It was damn sinful cause when I place the flesh of the crab in my mouth, it was already 12midnight!!
& I jumped into bed after that. HOHOHOHO.

Now you see me laughing, Next you don't.