Friday, October 17, 2008

Dry your tears & smile

I am currently waiting for Bf to book out and drive me over to Joyce's 21st birthday.

I kept telling myself, be happy, be happy, be happy, be happy, be happy.
No matter what the outcome is, I'll still be happy.
Being happy is the key factor to everything.

Biggest apology to HY for not being able to be there for you.
I was halfway thru my test when you called hence, I wasn't able to pick up the call.
I know that you needed me when you cried
I know there's alot of things troubling you
Even if you say it out, I may not understand
But I just want you to know that I am here
Right here with you, be it at brightest limelight of your life or the darkest moment, I'll be here
Quietly, Making no noise, Asking no questions, Sitting next to you :)

& When you have got a friend like me, There's no reason to be sad! :P:P
Okay, that was meant to be a joke. Your tears should be dry by now, so I am expecting a smile from you :))

Yesterday after school, Zadyn, Jan, LaoTou & Me went for health screening.
HEHEHEHE~ I grew taller. Omg, I am serious, I, GREW, TALLER, AT, THE, AGE, OF, NEAR, 20!
& I measured my height twice!
Weight was the same. Wish it would decrease. LOL.
& The machine thinks that I am underweight cause my BMI was only 17.8.
(Normal range is 18.5 to 22.9)
I told Hunny that and he said it was VERY FUNNY. LOLLL~ Stupid boyfriend.
Cause I can't be underweight~ Wait till you see the fats on my tummy and face!
The results also indicated that most of my fats are located at the abdomen(tummy) area,
& that my legs and right arm are lack of fats and muscles. UNBALANCE. HAHAHA~ So funny.
Anyway, Judging from my physical appearance I can't be underweight soooo,
the test is not accurate at all!

Went to watch a documentary after school today.
Watching documentaries is better off than doing other rotting stuffs & I enjoy it.
If only theres documentaries in school everydayyyyyyyy.

I know I am not okay, but I really don't want you to ask.
Why should everyone be affected just because I was feeling low?
Even Hunny could sensed it over the phone last night.
I am keeping it to myself so no questions, Thank you.

& Finally, I understood something. Something, I was told months ago.
My bad.