Sunday, October 05, 2008

Happy Days

Right now, When I am blogging this, I am actually masking. LOL.

Before meeting the group on Tuesday, I went to my Aunt's house to collect the hamsters!
I told her that I want hamsters since last month but I wasn't free to visit her shop.
Thus, the delay. Lol.

They were the spotlight of the day.
Zad & LWM couldn't keep his eyes off them!

White one's called BoBo while the black one is called Chacha.
I named them. BoBoChaCha. Wahaha.

I had very bad hair day that day cause I walked under the rain.
Lunched at KFC > Shopping > Neoprints > Steamboat > Shopping

And on Wednesday, which is a public holiday,
I met up with Huiyan for some shopping.
I hate this girl here. When I am with her, I spend like crazy!
Hahaha :))

Thursday was another normal school day.
Even the classmates find me weird.
Too quiet? So not me?
Seriously, I don't really care anymore, cause deep down, I know Janaury is approaching.
Very soon, I told myself. Very soon...

Friday was school, and some after school shopping with Huiyan, LIKE AGAIN!
The thought of carrying a laptop is already enough to kill me,
but I went home with another 4 big shopping bags!
& 1 full bag of Japanese titbits from OG. Hehehehe.
Hy got more than 4 bags. LOL.
So I had to trouble YQ to pick us up :( Thanks Hunny~

Saturday is just another boring weekend except that I had SugarSweets for lunch.

Tomorrow is another shopping day with YQ.
Shopping Madness this week!
The only thing to keep me happy.