Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's weekends!

Yes! Finally, Weekends!
Free from all the stress,
Free from those sickening faces,
best of all, FREE FROM SCHOOL (Err, Class to be exact)!

To keep my motivation going, YQ paid for my Ralph Lauren Tote ♥♥♥ :)
I got the bigger size one which is more suitable for school. Thanks Hunny~
Not to forget, he got me a new pendant to replace the old one.

Yesterday, he came and fetch me home with a slice of Golden CheeseCake Delight at the left seat of the car :)

School was really drama mama.
Teach me! How to love school/class more with so many things happening?!
Too tired for anything, but overall, today's class was pretty alright.

No longer counted as "new class" anymore after 5weeks of unbearable lessons.
Unlike other classes, our class got no get-together sessions or outings.
But I am thinking, even if they organise, would I turn up? HELL NO!
This class is filled with November babies, but I doubt the atmosphere would be the same as my previous lovable class.
Aawww~ As I am here blogging this, I am also missing them at the same time.

Met YQ after school to treat Jon.L for repairing my laptop!
Went to Popeyes at flyer, quite cheapo but well, it is his favourite. HAHA~
&& I got myself another pair of shoe at Marina Square.
Dang! Mummy didn't notice my new pair of shoe, otherwise she would start to nag again!
Hehehe. In order to make space for new shoes, I gotta clear the shoe shelf this Sunday!

Know what? It is only the 11th of this month and I had already finished spending my PAY for Oct!
There are still so many things which I wanna get.
So pathetic lah! Didn't save a single cent this month!!
Luckily I still get allowance. LOL~