Sunday, October 26, 2008


Pictures to be updated at my next entry :)

There's this super irritating guy living on my desk, next to my laptop.
& I can tell that Raven is jealous of him because he have been staring at him non stop.

Ade's PiPi.
She wanted to name it BiBi but sometimes I call Raven BiBi so PiPi suits tt Pig more.

Why do I call him irritating?
Cause he his cage took up almost 1/3 of my table & he can't stop digging the beddings!!

He used to live in Australia.
My aunt gave it to me and I gave it to Ade cause Raven is enough for me. LOL.
And this fat pig is as big as 2 of my palm!!

Past few days was like heaven to me even though I was quite sad by the fact that we are all leading our own life now.
But it was still enjoyable with the 2.
The little girl keeps skipping school nowdays!! Why oh why~~
& K & me are so addicted to the school's Curry Puff. OMG!!!!
Murphy bought it for us for breakfast, then we went to have it for lunch & had it again for next day's breakfast.

YQ had to book in last night for his Guard Duty today.
I called HY last night at 7.30pm and she agreed to meet me at 9.30pm!!
What a fab friend! :D:D
So we went for some shopping.

& I met her again for some shopping today!
Hohohohohooooooo. See see! No boyfriend still got best friend.
Satisfied dinner, satisfied buys.

Boyfriend is coming hom at 8am tmr.
Yay. Whole day with him. & Maybe Max & Marcel??