Tuesday, October 07, 2008

& Oooo Baby, I love cheese

Hehe. Got myself something from Coach.

Sunday was purely Bf's shopping day.
He was quite disappointed that he didn't manage to get any T-Shirts. Bah!
But I got him 2 berms :)
Lovable dindin with his family especially when M&M are around.
Short army week for him.
Booked in on Monday night and booking out on Wed.

Monday was kinda plain and dull.
Nothing significant enough for me to blog about.

Today was great. Happy happy me~
Excluding this fact : I hate the auntie who taught us today.
She can't shut her bloody mouth up when the class is busy doing their test.
How can we concentrate with her talking to another student loudly?
I thought she is old enough to at least be considerate.
Johnny had to ask her to lower down her volume. LOL~ What a sight.

Being in different class = Not spending the whole lunch time together.
So, The 6 of us rushed our work and spent the whole breakout together today!
Went to the mall, got our movie tics for the after school activity and had lunch there.
The movie was at 5pm and we were released late. ZZZ.
Rushed and made it in time. On the dot.

Watched "House Bunny". Kinda funny.
Love most of the songs in the show.
& Home sweet home :)