Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pictures Mania


While waiting for the Boyfriend to drive me over to Joyce's 21st,
I actually fell asleep on my cosy bed and woke up only when Bf called.
I was left with very little time to prepare, so I went there in Tee and Shorts since it is only a 5-10mins drive from our place.

& I had a "mini" shopping session yesterday.

& a "Medium" shopping session today.
4 shopping bags ^^

Something so sophisticated inside, yet so simple on the outside.
Except the people involved, no one can really understand the situation.

This is to ANYONE.
Stop adding stress to my burden or offering me advices.
Either way, they are not going to help.
I need some time alone.

Sometimes, I wish that I can exchange my brain with Raven.
At least I would know what he is thinking.
At least I wouldn't think so much.
At least my thoughts and attention would be diverted.
At least I won't be reminded of the past.
At least I wouldn't understand that "something".

Most importantly,
At least I would be happier than now.

I don't know what to do. anymore..
Good night.