Sunday, October 05, 2008


3 people to thanks.

The little girl who is always make an effort to cheer others up when she herself is feeling low. Also, The one who never fails to give her best to almost her every friend.

The boy who never fails to back me up and listen to my nonsenses and complains, especially during our ride home. A good friend, a good listener, and a good consoler.

The moody guy who always get upset at every little thing but on the other hand, he is also the one who brought colours to the clique. And also the guy who would be there for me!

Seriously, I don't know that you guys are so good at making up stories and hiding things from me. LOL. Even though I sensed that something was amissed since days ago but you people still had the plan all covered up well. Almost flawless.

SURPRISE : Come meet me somewhere near the toilet.
ME : For? Okay.

*Walked to the area near the toilet and sat down*

SURPRISE : Why didn't you reply me? *in a very serious tone*
ME : Huh? I was at the toilet just now. I didn't bring my phone with me.

*Judging from the serious tone, I thought that there was bound to be a conflict or something*

SURPRISE : NNNAAAAHHHH! *hands me a Gucci paper bag* For you.

God! I didn't want to accept it as it wasn't my birthday or what but.........

The thoughts, the sincerity.
I know saying words of thanks alone isn't enough.
Too touched. Too surprised.

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