Thursday, October 16, 2008

To the Airport, again


Yesterday was fab! :)))))
Look at me, I am all smiley.

I came to a realisation that my class wasn't that bad afterall.
I can click with most of them especially those fun people~
But why do I always say that it's suffering?
Because I tend to blame everything on the class!!
Anything that make my day bad/sad in SCHOOL,
I would just think that this class sucks even though nothing happened in the class.
The main reason is that this class can never lift me up, as in my mood.
Wish they could. If only.......
Well nvm. I will learn to love my class more for the fact that some shares burden/workload.
Some buys food for me when I am hungry.
Some screw people upside down, straight to the face.

I'll try. Just a little more will do.

& ZAD~ I hope you like your gift!! LOL~
I love yesterday even though it was simple :)))))
I will hold 'yesterday' in my heart.

nothing showing on the outside
Something's dying on the inside

Damn the weather.