Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Worst mistake

YQ is currently on MC for 3days.
Yesterday, Today, & booking in tmr night.
I rushed to his place after school cause his mum cooked my dinner.
She even asked YQ to send some over for my mum.
When I reach, YQ was out elsewhere
So I went to lie on his bed, use his laptop and rot around.
I was famished when he reach home at 9pm. ARGHH!!!
& We fought!! Physically!!
But sadly, I lost because he have been training with his bro since young!!
Poor girlfriend :(

Today's question was funny. Or rather, interesting.
What was the worst thing that happened to me in school?

I pondered over it and submitted it about classmates.
& now, I regretted.
Should have wrote about Semester 2.
The start of sem2 was a mistake. The worst thing that could ever happen to me.