Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1 more month

1 more month to our lovely anniversary :)
He couldn't wish me at 12midnight so he sent his greetings over at 6 in the morning.

Oh yeah, he had already given me my birthday present :D:D
Next month, 2 celebrations. Anniversary and Christmas.
So stucked at what to get for him.
I can't think of any DIY items to make for him anymore
cause I see too many of it on his table and wall.
Agnes B men's watch? :)

Yesterday was a fun day with the 7 people.
Supposed to be 8 but 1 backed out.
Pictures when I receive them. Jeff's birthday pictures will be delayed.
& I managed to borrow a good book from the library.

2008 is ending soon and, what have I actually achieved this year?