Sunday, November 09, 2008

2 satisfied days

HUUUUURRR!! I was suppose to visit the handphone shop last month but Hunny and me wasn't free so we delayed it until today.
Spent 2 hours there -.-

&&& I laid my eyes on this!!

So sexayyyyeeeeeee~ The whole phone is chrom, sleek and thin!!
The specs are also awesomeeeee.
Anyone wants to get it for my birthdayyyyy? :P:P:P
Anyway, Hunny suggested to get it for me for Christmas :D
But I reckon that there is no such need for me to change my phone now but it doesn't hurt to dream. LOL~

I have pretty pretty nails! Done my weekly Pedi and Mani :)
Can't imagine my life without Mani and Pedi~~~~~~~
So after we are done with the stuffs, we went for lunch and SHOPPPPPPINGGGGG.
Am damn satisfied with yesterday and today's buy :))))))))))
Thanks baby!

Coffee gave me my advance birthday present yesterday and Aunt sent her Red Packet over today.
November is sucha rich month.

Revealing my black hair!
Didn't put on any other make up except eyeliner due to the very poor skin.

Anticipating for tmr's sushi session!!

How do you judge how much a person weighs in your heart?

According to time?
The longer you know that person, the heavier he will weighs? Which means that your primary school friends will weigh more than your secondary or poly friends? Which concludes that, New friends always weighs lesser than old friends.

The time spent?
The more time spent together, the heavier he weighs? Or more memorable time spent together means heavier? Rounds down to: not according to the length of the time, as long as the time spent together is worth cherishing, he or she will weighs more than your 10years friend.

The usefulness of that person?
If you need him, he is useful and hence, he weighs more. More than your old friends. But once the usefulness is used up and not needed anymore, your old friend comes back.