Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Better than yesterday

I guess I didn't hide myself well this time round. Before I even type the previous entry, some of my classmates already sensed the gloomy atmosphere around me. To be exact, they sensed it the moment I stepped into the class. A number of them texted me during lesson/at night to ask me why while some choose to keep quiet and told me that chocolates can make me feel better :) & Today, a bottle of my daily dosage(RIBENA) immediately appeared on my table, right after I sat down.

Unlike yesterday, I didn't cry today. I know that I am quite a crybaby. I pushed the matter out of my mind and thankfully, the people who worked with me today are the people who I am more comfortable with. We snacked during lunch and lesson. And I was, still feeling fine. The only bad thing is, Bf is away for field camp. Yes, at this period of time when I needed someone most. But it can't be help either. However, I realised that it makes no difference if you are there or not, because the matter still exists, even if I don't think of it, even if I choose to avoid. Things aren't supposed to be like that. I don't know. I am so lost. I just fell. Real hard.

When you are requesting or need help, You don't use the word ASAP because I, MAYBELINE don't owe anyone anything and because I haven't agree to help you. Yes, I am this selfish, unfriendly, unreasonable. When one feeling low, instead of showing concern, YOU sounded as though you were ordering her, be prepared to face rejection. Also, There are soooooo many 'intelligent' people doing requests, you can just hop over to their blogs to ask for help. In case you haven't notice, I am not doing requests anymore :)

I am just not feeling that good. I need to vent on something.

I am no longer me. Please. Make me ME again. I don't want to stay like this.

Baby, I believe that everything will be fine again after we make it through :)