Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Dumb boyyyyyyy!! He told me that he couldn't take off on Monday because of his training. So I packed his army bag and he sent me home at 9pm. I called him at 1050pm, the usual timing we would chat on the phone IF he books in on Sunday.

Actually I was quite disappointed. But the boyfriend surprised me at 12midnight. He called and said " Happy Birthday " at 1154pm, & I asked him to turn in early because there is training tomorrow. Then he said, "Come out and take your cake?" When I opened the door, He stood there, with a slice of my favourite cake, and sang me the Happy Birthday song.

But sorry dearest, because I thought you wouldn't be able to accompany me on the day itself, so my friends had already plan something else. But I know you won't mind :D Love you!!

Dasmond (0025)
Aini (0035)
WeiLing (0040)
Lina (0100)

The early birds just smsed/called/texted to wish me Happy Birthday :D
All of them wished between 0000hr to 0010 except Das.
He called at 0025hr LOL.
Okay la. I am Miss Nice, So I included your name in the list kkk? Haha.

mond says:
eh our pooh bear 1 years old liao
mond says:
mond says:
sing bday song for the pooh bear also ty

Last year 17th, he caught me a pooh.

& He reminded me that for my past 3 birthdays, he was present. LOL.

It was weird when Kevindren called to wish me because I had to wish back.
His birthday falls on the same day as me.
To my knowledge, there are 5 people whose birthday falls on today.
Happy birthday people.